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Moinho da Lapa

Moinho da Lapa Country Houses, located next to Lapa Village, in Sernancelhe, are an exquisite space destined to the purest tranquility and satisfaction on the banks of the Vouga river source .
With three isolated houses, Moinhos da Lapa have a privileged view over Vouga river and the farm. In front, the pool and the Lapa House make up the scenery of pure magic.
In addition to all the comfort that Lapa houses and mills present, this modern complex offers in its rooms a set of details that make all the difference: common dining room and living room, parking, garden, pets, private pool and kitchen for snacks.
But if you prefer, you can enjoy the scenery along the farm, stroll along the river or private paths, or even grow the vegetable garden and collect the ingredients for meals.
You can also have the pleasure of following the mill's restoration, as well as the two houses from the past or the old communal oven: a true journey in history.
Other, more introspective, can enjoy this beautyfull place for reading and painting, you can even do yoga in a space purposely intended for this purpose .
Here, the hosts are family. Enjoy.

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Sra da Lapa Sanctuary located in Aldeia da Lapa, next to Moinho da Lapa farm, is one of Portuguese most important sanctuaries.
With a history that goes back to the 16th century and tells the legend that when a 12-year-old shepherdess, named Joan, changes from birth, entering through the rock cracks topped by the great barn (lapa in portuguese) and found there a beautiful image of the Virgin, which had been hidden there for more than five hundred years by religious women fleeing persecution.
The devotion and all the affection that the girl dedicated to the image, earned her a special protection from the Virgin who by a miracle granted her the gift of speech.
Senhora da Lapa, in Portugal and Santiago de Compostela, Spain, were once the two most important Sanctuaries of the Iberian Peninsula.



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Moinho da Lapa
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